About Giselle Lashes

Giselle Lashes was created out of a love for looking beautiful, a love for lashes,  and a desire to bring luxury lashes at an affordable price. False eyelashes are a desired, must-have accessory, so it is a privilege to be able to provide them to you all. 
Each pair of Giselle Lashes has been handcrafted, so there may be a slight difference in each pair. Our lashes are sterilized, hypoallergenic, and made with no added chemicals or dyes, so they are suitable for contact wearers, or people with sensitive eyes. Our lashes come in a simplistic, compact, and durable packaging that can be used to store your lashes when you are not wearing them.

Our lashes can be worn up to 30 times with proper care.

Each lash has been carefully handpicked and named after someone special in my life. Each woman that our lashes are named after exemplify a strong, kind, independent, courageous, loyal, beautiful, smart person. Real, hard-working, dope women. 

The name Giselle comes after my first born, my daughter, Giselle. Her name means 'pledge,' and as a company, we pledge to provide the highest quality of products for you. We appreciate your time and business, and we thank you for choosing us.  

 - Elizabeth